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The easyXplore mapping application allows the online representation of regional data. Both a desktop and a mobile application have been developed to facilitate comfortable access to the data. Based on modern web technologies easyXplore enables attractive city and regional marketing:

  • The clear arrangement of the app's components allows quick navigation. Built-in functionality, such as filtering the data based on opening times or categories, as well as routing help enhance the user experience and allow users to navigate in a highly customized landscape.
  • The app's design is very flexible and can be customized easily. Using the administrative interface, data can be maintained and edited comfortably, without ever accessing the complex database running in the background. Keeping the database up-to-date is therefore an easy task, and can be fully accomplished using the predefined editing options.
  • The administrative interface can be customized so that certain groups of users can only access certain functionalities, meaning that 'who is allowed to edit what' can be defined to avoid inconsistencies and mistakes in the database.
  • Advanced functionality, such as a fully interactive dashboard for data visualization, a data collection interface, as well as social media integration, can be included upon request. The data can also be prepared for download, so users can display and edit the data locally in their preferred GIS software package.

An example of easyXplore for Boston

Data can be styled and uploaded via the easyXplore QGIS plugin
(the interface is also available in English)

For more information you can send us an email to info@easyxplore.de or you can reach us at +49-30-82070657